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Philippine Motocross King - Jovie Saulog

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In 1979, at the age of 13, Jovie M. Saulog unceremoniously broke into the Philippine motocross racing scene by riding a borrowed bike to victory. At the time when the local racing scene was dominated by big-name riders such as Butch Chase, Redan Lopez, Joey Almeda, et al, such feat from a teen-ager was unprecedented.

Years before that, Jovie was just a curious but enthusiastic spectator/assistant, happy to tag along with his older brother to the races. Unknown to many, flowing in his veins was the blood of a true blue racer who had a heart for winning. The rest, as we say, is history...

Several years and hundreds of local and international trophies and multiple national titles later, in 1995, Jovie finally realized another dream - putting up his own motorcycle business which would cater to the needs of his fellow riders. Thus, JMS MOTORCYLE SHOP was born - a shop specializing in motocross racing parts, accessories and other products not readily available in the local market. This was a long-held dream, quite overdue in its realization since competing for Jovie became a full-time profession, necessitating frequent travels both local and abroad. That was, until he sustained a major injury which had him sidelined and eventually placed in semi-retirement.

Today thru JMS MOTORCYCLE SHOP, he continues to share with other riders his love and passion for the sport. He also conducts motocross clinics and training for young beginners.

Truly, Jovie has come a long way since winning that first race in 1979...

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